2006 AMHA / AMHR Buckskin Mare
Little Kings Almighty Buck  x  HCM War Paints Mariposa
2012 AMHA Honor Roll Champion Country Pleasure Driving Mare
NWMHC Can-Am Classic Unanimous GRAND Champion Country Pleasure Horse and undefeated in all classes
2012 Show Results

AMHA Western Regional Champion Country Pleasure Mares  |  AMHA Western Regional Champion Amateur Country Pleasure Driving
AMHA Western Regional Reserve Champion Country Pleasure 32-34"  |  AMHA Western Regional Champion AOTE Country Pleasure Driving
AMHA Western Regional Reserve Champion YOTE Mares
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2012 AMHA World Show Results

World Top Ten (8th) Youth Country Pleasure 13-18  |  World Top Ten (6th) YOTE Mares
Presented by Avery Rowland

World Top Ten (4th) Amateur Country Pleasure Driving Lvl 1
World Top Ten (3rd) AOTE Senior Mares Lvl 2  |  World Top Ten (3rd) AOTE Counrty Pleasure Driving
Presented by Adelyn Rowland 
2013 AMHA Western Regionals Show

Reserve Champion AOTE Senior Mare Level 2   Reserve Champion Senior Mare Over 32-34"
Champion Country Pleasure Driving 32-34"    Champion Solid Color Mares
Reserve Champion Youth 13-18 Senior Mare   Champion Amateur Country Pleasure Driving Level 1
Champion Country Pleasure Driving Mares   Champion Adult Showmanship
Champion Amateur Showmanship   
 3rd Place Amateur Hunter
Marisol is being bred to Rivenburgh's Outlaw Josie Wales for a 2015 foal!
2013 AMHA World Show Results

Reserve World Champion Amateur Showmanship
6th Place AOTE Sr. Mare Level 2
Marisol and Adelyn were awarded the 2013 AMHA Amateur High Point Award for Region 8, Level 2.
2013 AMHA Honor Roll GRAND Champion Country Pleasure Driving Mare.

Hunterberry Hill Josie's Keepsake
2015 AMHA/AMHR Palomino Ponto Colt
Rivenburghs Outlaw Josie Wales  x  HCM Bucks Marisol 
This colt is out of two of the most special horses we have been fortunate to know and have in our lives! We see a lot of his wonderful sire Josie and his dam Marisol in him already.  Hopefully you will see “Kip” in the driving arena in a few years time, making a mark just like both of his parents!
AMHA/AMHR Futurity Nominated - Priced at $3,500.00


A special mare in every way, Marisol is a breathtaking mover and is a joy to watch trotting in the pasture. With proven legendary Buckeroo bloodlines, Marisol is not only a huge mover but also is beautiful and has the most kind and expressive eyes. 
SOLD - So happy that Marisol is going to live at Oak Bay Acres with Sheryl Peterson and be bred to her great stallion line up in the coming years!